The Noel Olken show is here!

Hi, my name is Noel Olken and I am responsible for this blog. I know, you are probably wondering, “who the fuck is noel olken?” Well this site will answer that question with a good old American answer like, “C’est moi, bien sur!”

I used to have a different website. I looked at it recently and saw I hadn’t touched it in three years. Imagine! The nerve of me to ignore myself for three years like that!

So I started a new website today. This is it. There isn’t much “here” here, but there will be soon. Lots of the stuff from the old site, but I’m more excited about all the new stuff that’s coming.
Photos. Music. Reels. Clips. Links. Writing. Jokes. Pictures.

IMDB My official IMDb page

LA Casting – resume, clips and a reel.

Waitergonebad Productions –  production company of my feature film, Meditations On Trafficking

Meditations On Trafficking  a look at human trafficking. Against it, of course. But fascinating to look at.

Cup Of My Blood   a film by Lance Catania, produced by Noel Olken


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