Celebrities on Kickstarter and why I like it.

A lot of people are “upset” by celebrity filmmakers using Kickstarter to raise funds for their next films. “That’s not fair”, they say,  “they are hurting me and so many other unknowns.” To you I say, get over it. It is a trend that works, and it is good for everyone.

I am one of the 6418 people who funded Spike Lee’s next joint. I have seen almost every Spike Lee joint, I’ve been moved and shaken and entertained. He is a good filmmaker who started out like you – unknown.

For my $5, I get to say what ever I want about it. (I also get a vintage Mo Better Blues pin from Spike’s archives for a movie I was an extra in in NYC 1989. Sweet.) And what I want to say is this: Spike ran a great campaign and anyone thinking about doing a similar campaign should study his and see how good it was. Naysayers will poo-poo the idea. “but he’s Spike Lee, he has so many resources, he has so much help.” Stop whining you F-hats and start being the creative thinker you think you are.

I consulted with a filmmaker a few weeks ago about his Kickstarter campaign and I said this; “…running a successful Kickstarter project will be more work than making the movie itself.” I believe this is true. But if you are successful, you get to do the fun part and actually make your movie. If your campaign is not successful then either your pitch was not appealing to strangers (90% of pledges will be/should be from strangers) your idea was not appealing, or you just ran a weak campaign. Did you honestly communicate who you are and what your film is about in your pitch video and trailer? Did you update often? Did you communicate well? Did you come up with unique and interesting premiums? Did you dig into your own archives for fun and interesting premiums?

So stop bitching about Spike and Zach and James and Rob and get out there and run a great campaign. Get help from friends, family and co-producers. Be creative with pledges and premiums and most importantly don’t spend your time bitching about those who are breaking new ground for you to use for your own success.

Thanks to you and 6418 other backers, The Newest Hottest Spike Lee Joint has been successfully funded. We will now charge your credit card.

Pledge Summary
Amount pledged: $5.00
Reward: From Our Vaults, Vintage MO’ BETTER BLUES pins (1.5″ x 2.25″)
Estimated delivery: Sep 2014

When your reward is ready, Spike Lee will send you a survey via email to request any info needed to deliver your reward (mailing address, T-shirt size, etc).

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