Christmas Day 2013


My wife, the famous psychic and teacher Kris Cahill,  and I, a Jew named Noel, have a Christmas Day tradition – we go to the movies. As many as we can. And between films we eat. Since most restaurants are closed on Christmas, that usually means Chinese food. I am happy to tell you that this year, Christmas day movie marathon 2013, was a big success.

We started the day by sleeping-in and being completely off the grid. After tea, and a lovely vegetable and egg scramble, we headed out for a 12:30 screening of The Hobbit, The Desolation of Smaug, at our local multi-plex in Glendale, CA. My guild card got us comped in; one of the perks of being in the film industry.  Luckily we got there early as it was a small room and it sold out. The Desolation of Smaug was fun. The Orcs are really creepy. I really liked  part two of The Hobbit trilogy, but after a year I was hoping it would begin with, “previously on The Hobbit…”. The CGI is good, and a lot of the images are like paintings. Maybe because they are paintings. I don’t play video games, but I imagine they look a lot like this movie.

Next we drove across town to the DGA building on Sunset where we had reservations for an industry screening of Gravity, in 3D. I know it’s been out a few months, but I have been so busy the last few months we haven’t seen it yet.

Before the screening we went across the street to Greenblatt’s Deli and Wine Shop (open 365 days a year) and had a glass of wine. (And bought a bottle of wine for later.) We got a snack from the deli counter.

We stood outside at the corner of Laurel and
Sunset, eating our take out, and watching the “reality” show that was the queue of people in line at The Laugh Factory for a free Christmas meal, a long standing and admirable Christmas tradition at the Laugh Factory. I was like they called Central Casting and requested “eccentric Hollywood types”. Lot’s of fun.

I loved Gravity. I haven’t been so tense at a movie in ages. I damn near forgot to breath. I managed to avoid hearing any spoilers about the film, and was very pleased with it. I was exhausted when it ended. I happen to be a fan of Sandra Bullock and thought she was amazing in this film.

Now it was time for dinner. We went to a place in Hollywood on Cahuenga called K24, or Kitchen 24. They are open 365/24/7. The restaurant was so busy when we got there, they were a bit overwhelmed. But street parking was easy. If you live in LA you know that means something.  There was so much street parking on Cahuenga, it literally was “Hollywood parking”.

It was so easy I triple checked the signs for parking restrictions. I was hoping I wouldn’t see any parking enforcement people out like you see every other night of the year. You would have to be a sociopath to want to work giving tickets on Christmas day. I’m not saying there aren’t people who would do that, I’m just saying I’m glad I didn’t see any.

Dinner was okay. K24 skews to a younger crowd; the music is loud, and it’s very casual. It was fine.

After dinner, we drove home. Our third movie of the day would be a screener of Philomena. At home with a drink, on the couch, the tree lit and twinkling.

Philomena deserves all the praise it, and it’s two leads are getting. Judi Dench is perfect. Steve Coogan is wonderful to watch. I realized I am a Steve Coogan type. Serious, pretentious, a bit elitist but with a good heart and a lot of passion. Now I know my type!

All in all, a wonderful day spent with a wonderful, amazing woman doing what I love most – watching movies! Well actually, there are things I love more, but watching movies is pretty high up there on my list of things I love to do.

I hope you enjoyed your day and I wish you a very happy end of 2013 and a Happy New Years 2014!

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