Photo by Noel Olken
Hollywood Blvd pick-up. Modern Times.

My take on Her, a film by Spike Jonze:
I think this is a perfect film for our times. Like Joaquin’s performance as Theodore, the sarcasm and satire are spot-on perfect; like Gulliver’s Travels or Rip Van Wrinkle. Very funny and weird, but very thought provoking.

This film touched on a lot of things I think about already, which is maybe why I liked it so much. The way technology is invading every minute of our lives. The way people rely too much on machines. The way machines and software are evolving so quickly and are now (or very soon will be) able to replicate and repair themselves, and yes, maybe even become capable of speaking with words, thoughts and tones that mirror and resemble human emotion.

The implications are scary. We are becoming a society, and a world of people who are more comfortable with machines than with other humans. I love that he addressed these themes and resolved this struggle in Theodore’s journey.

Too smart for those who need or want only simple, easy to follow predictable plots. I sure appreciated it. Mr. Jonze, has delivered another winner.

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