The Hollywood Fringe is on!

Last night was the opening night of the Hollywood Fringe Festival and my first of five performances of No Boundarys. The show went off very well and I am glad, after all the months of planning and rehearsing and pounding the drums about it, to finally do it.

Those sixty-minutes I am on stage doing the show are the most fun any actor can have. It’s the best role I have ever played. It’s the culmination of years of work. In fact, a lifetime of work. All the stories are true. All the details pulled from my memory. Exploring the idea of personal storytelling has been very liberating.

I had a reviewer from the Tolucan Times comes see last weeks preview and a very positive review was published on opening night. That was good timing. You can read the review here:

Please, if you have a chance, come see the show.  If you want me to put you on the guest list, let me know what night you want to come. I’d be happy to see you there.

More details below. Happy Fringe-ing!

Noel Olken
writer/performer of No Boundarys
Hollywood Fringe Festival 2012
@Theatre Asylum 6320 Santa Monica Blvd, Hollywood, 90038

Thurs June 14 @ 7:00pm – SOLD OUT!
Sat June 16 @ 5:30 – SOLD OUT!
Sun June 17 @ 8:30 – SOLD OUT!
Thurs June 21 @ 8:30 – SOLD OUT!
Sat June 23 @ 1:00pm – TICKETS STILL AVAILABLE

for more info:

Noel Olken in No Boundarys

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