Hey, how are ya?

This is the part of my site (which is all about me) where I tell you – all About Me.

Not my bio and my resume, those are elsewhere. No. This is who I truly am:


I hate war. I don’t shoot guns for fun. When I get excited I speak too loud.

I’m an atheist, a vegan, a hedonist. A hater of labels.

I love music, smart people, baseball and small children.

I drink. I smoke. I watch a lot of movies and television.  I play guitar.

I’m a Cancer, a middle child, and a college drop-out. Mais je parle Francaise.

I’m too judgemental, I know – and it isn’t good.

My favorite jobs have been picking grapes in France, busking in Europe, film location Manager in Chicago. And acting. Don’t forget acting. That’s why I’m here.

My least favorite survival jobs have included taxi driver (4 yrs), waiter (15yrs -/+), phone sales, uber driver, dishwasher, and door-to-door sales.

Everything I have ever done, and every part of the world I traveled to or lived in,  it was always to have the greatest experiences that would inform my understanding of human nature.

I love people. People drive me crazy.

I’m an actor. I love being myself as other people.

If I wasn’t an actor I’d be a……………drummer.

Finally, to my friends I am a friend.

Noel in Nepal, 1985

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