Fourth Song. My song of the quarter project is complete.


Update: As you can see, my song of the week project has been a huge failure. But my song of the quarter is a big success. As we enter this 4th quarter of 2014, I have three songs up and I have two more months to get the fourth uploaded. Winning!

Song #3


Week 2

A  reworking of an acoustic tune called The 5th Bar Capo Rag, previously unrecorded. © 2014 Noel Olken

Week 1

Here is the first one, and old poem that I never put to music before. It’s called As I Sit Inside My Dark, and this is the perfect time to release it and the energy of sitting in my dark. No more. I’m going to the light now.

Being seen, being creative, and being me.

As I sit Inside My Dark by Noel Olken © 2014 Noel Olken


As I sit inside my dark

Feeling hollow as a snail

I’m the old man in the doorway

Waiting for the mail


I’m the tip of a cigarette

Quickly ashtray bound

A piece of my old life

In the lost and found


One thought does console me

In a way that leaves me cold

Violence will destroy me

I won’t live to be old


When will it over take me

Surely by surprise

Between the twilight and the dawn

Bloody nice sunrise


Cigarette extinguished

The mailman comes and goes

Leaving nothing for the old man

Smell his old man cloths


As I sit inside my dark

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